200GB SanDisk microSD card $89.95
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200GB SanDisk microSD card $89.95, Last June, SanDisk officially released its much-hyped 200GB microSD card, which was originally announced a few months before. As you’d expect from such a high-capacity card, it wasn’t cheap, retailing for $239.44.

Now though you can get one for just $89.95. That’s right, the 200GB SanDisk microSD card is a whopping $149.49 off at the moment, provided you purchase yours from Amazon. It’s unclear how long this pricing will last, so if you want one of these, act fast.

image 200GB SanDisk microSD card $89.95

200GB SanDisk microSD card $89.95


The card has a transfer speed of up to 90MB/s. It is waterproof, temperature proof, shock proof, X-ray proof, and magnet proof according to its maker, and it naturally comes with an SD adapter.

If you don’t actually need all that storage space, you can pick a 128GB card for just $44.99, or the 64GB model for $22.83.


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