Instagram makes multiple account support official
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Instagram makes multiple account support official, Instagram has been experimenting with adding support for multiple accounts to its Android and iOS apps for months now – the first reported instance of people seeing this was in November. But that was all testing, and the feature has not so far been available to all users of its apps.

Instagram makes multiple account support official

Instagram makes multiple account support official

This week, however, that will change. The Facebook-owned photo sharing service has officially announced that multiple account support is coming to everyone. This will be part of version 7.15 of the Instagram app for iOS and Android, which will make it to the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store in the next few days.

Once you get the new app, you can head on over to your profile settings and easily add another account. After that, if you tap on your username at the top of your profile you’ll be able to switch between accounts. And once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile picture in various places throughout the app, so you aren’t confused as to which particular account you’re currently using.


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